Current University of Bath PhD Students

Final Year PhD Students

Josh Tibbetts

Originally from Birmingham, Josh graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2015 with an MSci in Natural Sciences where he was working on the flow synthesis of peptides from N-carboxyanhydrides. His PhD is focussed on catalytic transformations of terpenes and other biorenewables, with a focus on the synthesis of polymers from biorenewable feedstocks. In his spare time, Josh enjoys collecting vinyl records, playing in a Joy Division tribute band, baking, and running to work off the cake.


Maria Odyniec

Originally from Birmingham, Maria graduated from the University of Bath in 2016 with an MSci in Natural Sciences. Her Ph.D is based on the development of diagnostic and theranostic sensor systems for reactive oxygen species. This is a joint Ph.D project with Professor Tony James. In her spare time Maria enjoys running, baking, reading and talking.


Maria Weber

Originally from Berlin, Maria graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 2014 with an MChem in Chemistry with a year abroad at ETH Zurich worked on small molecule inhibitors for the treatment of African sleeping sickness. After working for  a while, she has just started her Ph.D based on the development of theranostic sensor systems for the detection of reactive oxygen species. In her spare time, she enjoys listening to French music, salsa dancing and making cupcakes every now and then.


Rory Crean

Rory graduated from Bristol with a BSc in Chemistry in 2015 after carrying out a final year project using X-ray crystallography to determine the structure of engineered protein scaffolds. His Ph.D project is in collaboration with Dr Chris Pudney in Biology, looking at what structural changes occur when the alpha-helices of peptides/proteins are replaced with peptide foldamers derived from beta-amino acids. Outside of the lab, Rory enjoys running, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and aprendiendo a hablar Español.


Second Year PhD Students

Ben Emery

Originally from Coventry, Ben graduated from the University of Bath in 2017 with an MChem in Chemistry for Drug Discovery. During his time at Bath he undertook an industrial placement at Charles River Laboratories as a synthetic organic chemist. His PhD is focussed on new synthetic methodology for the synthesis of aromatic and heteroaromatic scaffolds. In his spare time, Ben enjoys following Formula One, volunteering as a live event technician and walking his dog, Dobbie.


Robin Groleau

Originally from France, Robin graduated with an MSci in Chemistry from the University of Bristol in 2015. During this course he carried out a 1 year medicinal chemistry placement at RedX Oncology (Liverpool), and a Masters project under Prof. Booker-Milburn. After a year out teaching Maths and Sciences, he joined the Bristol/Bath/Cardiff CDT in Catalysis. Robin's work focuses on new synthetic methodologies for the synthesis of vinyl esters and their further derivatisation using biocatalytic and synthetic methods. Aside from chemistry, Robin enjoys cooking, eating, all things sci-fi and just generally being French.


First Year PhD Students

Mingyu Yang

Originally from China, Mingyu (Emily) graduated from the University of Bath in 2018 with an MSc in Chemistry for Drug Discovery. Her PhD is focussed on a protecting group free strategy for the sustainable catalytic synthesis of polyketide natural products. In her spare time, Mingyu enjoys going hiking, eating and playing the piano. 


Evotec Industrial Ph.D Students


Shelley Parrott

Shelley graduated with a MChem from the University of Southampton in 2011. In her third year, she worked at Novartis in Horsham as an industrial placement student which initiated her enthusiasm for drug discovery. After five years working at Evotec, she has started her industrial PhD looking to develop new antibacterials. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, baking and a glass of wine or two with friends.


Jordan Palfrey


Antony Smitham


Simon Ellwood


Previous Group Members

Bath Ph.D Students


(33) 2019       Dr Holly Atton (Senior Scientist, Evotec, Oxford)

(32) 2018       Dr Bill Cunningham (PDRA, Cresswell Group, University of Bath)

(31) 2018       Dr Adam Sedgwick (PDRA, Sessler Group, University of Texas in Austin)

(30) 2018       Dr Liam Stephens (PDRA, Jones Group, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia)

(29) 2017       Dr Emma Lampard (Laboratory Manager, University of Leicester)

(28) 2017       Dr Rob Chapman (PDRA, Bull Group)

(27) 2017       Dr Ruth Lawrence (Just Graduated)

(26) 2016       Dr Caroline Jones (Senior Scientist, Sterling Pharma Solutions)

(25) 2016       Dr Luke Williams (Just Graduated)

(24) 2016       Dr Richard Blackburn (Teaching Fellow in Chemistry, University of Leicester)

(23) 2015       Dr Chris Hotchen (Patent Lawyer, Wynne-Jones IP, Bristol)

(22) 2015       Dr David Tickell (Research Scientist, DSTL, Porton Down, Wiltshire)

(21) 2015       Dr Sarah Abou-Shehada (Patent Lawyer, Abel & Imray, Bath)

(20) 2014       Dr Lucy Peacock (Engineering Consultant, Turner and Townsend, Bristol)

(19) 2012       Dr Jennifer Peed (Patent Lawyer, HGF Limited, Birmingham)

(18) 2012       Dr Robert Archer (Research Scientist, Tocris Chemicals, Bristol)

(17) 2012       Dr Caroline Evans (Head of Chemistry, Wellington College, Crowthorne)

(16) 2012       Dr Paul Fordred (Research Scientist, Apollo Scientific, Manchester)

(15) 2012       Dr John Watkins (Senior Electrochemist, Lumishield Technologies, Pittsburgh, USA)

(14) 2011       Dr James Taylor (Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, University of St Andrews)

(13) 2011       Dr Magdalena Powell (Science Teacher, Bath)

(12) 2009       Dr Iwan Davies (Head of Chemistry, Highgate School, London)

(11) 2008       Dr Philip Axe (Senior Analytical Scientist, Catalent Pharma Solutions, Swindon)

(10) 2008       Dr Andy Kelly (Managing Editor, Scientific Publishing, Taylor & Francis, Abingdon)

(9)   2007       Dr Gangani Shermer (Teaching Fellow, Department of Chemistry, University of Bath)

(8)   2007       Dr Sonia Lozano-Yeste (Patent Law, Barcelona)

(7)   2006       Dr Michael Thatcher (Senior Scientist, Abbot Diabetes, Witney)

(6)   2006       Dr Rachel Green (Scientific Analyst, GCHQ, Cheltenham)

(5)   2005       Dr Matthew Cheeseman (Staff Scientist, Cancer Research Institute, London)

(4)   2005       Dr Piers Taylor (Science Teacher, Gordano School, Bristol)

(3)   2005       Dr Diane Robinson (Forensic Scientist, National Centre for Forensics, Canberra, Australia)

(2)   2005       Dr Yolanda Pérez-Fuertes (Research Scientist, Evotec Drug Discovery, Abingdon)

      (1)   2004       Dr Fred Feuillet (Development Chemist, Shasun Pharma Solutions, Newcastle)


          PostDoctoral Research Assistants


       (17) 2018         Dr Bill Cunningham - 6 Month PDRA funded by EPSRC.

       (16) 2017-18   Dr Rob Chapman - 1 Yr PDRA funded by EPSRC.

 (15) 2015        Dr Dareen Jaiash - 3 Month PDRA Fellowship funded by British Council in Saudi Arabia

       (14) 2014        Dr Santiago Royo - 1 Yr PDRA Fellowship funded by District of Valencia, Spain.

       (13) 2013-16   Dr Massi Vezzoli - 2 Yr PDRA funded by EPSRC.

       (12) 2014-16   Dr Mark Hutchby - 3 Yr PDRA funded by EPSRC.

       (11) 2013-15   Dr Jennifer Peed - 2 Yr PDRA funded by DTI KTP with Quotient Diagnostics. 

       (10) 2012        Dr James Taylor - 9 months PDRA Fellowship funded by ERC and UOB.

       (9)   2012        Dr Tomoki Nishimura - 1 Yr PDRA funded by JSPS.

       (8)   2010        Dr Steve Flower - 6 months PDRA funded by University of Bath. 

       (7)   2008-11   Dr Sylvain Royer - 3 Yr PDRA funded by BBSRC Response Mode.

       (6)   2006-08   Dr Michael Thatcher - 2 Yr PDRA funded by DTI KTP with Smart Holograms.

       (5)   2005-07   Dr Harry Lamble - 2 year PDRA funded by BBSRC Response Mode.

       (4)   2003        Dr Christine Gauzy - 1 Yr PDRA funded by Region of Clermont-Auvergne, France.

       (3)   2003        Dr Fred Feulliet - 1 Yr PDRA funded by Royal Society.

       (2)   2003        Dr Jean-Phillip Cros - 6 months PDRA funded by Beckman Coulter.

       (1)   2002        Dr Philip Perkins - 6 months PDRA funded by Royal Society. 


 CDT Masters Students


       (14) 2017        Alison Ryder

       (13) 2017        Robin Groleau

       (12) 2017        Roman Abrans

 (11) 2016        Rory Crean

       (10) 2016        Josh Tibbetts

       (9)   2015        Richard Maltby

       (8)   2014        William Cunningham

       (7)   2013        Caroline Jones

       (6)   2013        Robert Chapman

       (5)   2012        Alexander Chittendon

       (4)   2011        Sarah Abou-Shehada

       (3)   2010        Lisa Sargeant (DTC Prize winner

       (2)   2010        Chris Hall

       (1)   2009        Tom Forder (DTC Prize winner